Discover the “Powerfull Method” to fix bugs in your .NET application  3x faster

Finding why your application doesn't works as expected can cause headaches. Through our research, we have developed tools and techniques to help you.

why work with us?

Get ahead of your competitors with cutting edge private tools and techniques for .NET

Software Quality

Know exact functional impacts made by changes in your source code automaticaly, not guess work.

Focus your tests on what really matter !

Developer performance

Most of the time of a developer is spent on debugging code. Resolve developer's issus faster thank to dynamic code view that show you only what really matter for your problem !

Software performance

Don't bother about when to load things and how to store data in memory, let the computer do it for you the optimal way !

about us

We use our experience to create yours

By developpers, for developers. The CEO of the company was a software solution architect in a top multinational ESN. He worked here for more than 10 years helping developers to fix their problems. We are in field techies that understand your strugles more than any of thoses business mans !

We use our tools for ourself ! So we get inner feedback way before we release our products, witch help us to make better tools that suit your needs !


Discover how we make a difference with your company

We beleve that human should never change to fit computer needs.

The computer itself must evolve to fit YOUR needs ! We create tools that help you do in minutes what could take days to do without ! We also help you in building higher software quality by helping you deal with software bugs and performance issues !

All thoses tools will help you to earn more money while having happier  customers. Thoses tools can make a real difference during the presale phase to get new deals !

We’d love to talk about what matters to you.

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